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Zum Abschluss der Hive-Konferenz blogge ich heute noch ein mal auf Englisch. Weil wegen der internationalen Verständigung. Und so. Demnächst dann wieder, wie gewohnt, auf Deutsch. Zunächst aber: Ein Rückblick.

Well, wasn’t that fun?! The past weekend in Berlin was jam-packed with goodness. And I’m not talking about the desserts we had for lunch (though those were some damn fine desserts – anybody else dreaming of this plum dish?). I was so busy chatting and learning and listening, I barely took any pictures.
In case you missed out on this years The Hive Conference, here’s a quick rundown of the highlights:

+ Natalie Holbrook

The Blogger behind Hey Natalie Jean gave an encouraging talk about vulnerability on the internet. She shared about her (shockingly many!) experiences with trolls and reminded us, that noise doesn’t equal people. But it feels like only a few negative voices can spoil the happiest place online. I really loved her answer to internet bullying: We need to spread the love. We need to stop feeding our inner Mr. Hydes and be the Dr. Jekylls instead.
After her presentation I had the pleasure to get to know her a little better and talk to her for a while and now I adore her even more than I did before. (She offered me to show me around New York if I should ever visit. Little did she know. I’m going to book a flight ASAP.)

+ Create the home, workspace and lifestyle you want – a workshop with Apartment Diet

First of all, I think I have a huge crush on Tip and Natalie since the moment this workshop started. These two are just wonderful and their passion for happy living was contagious.
They had worksheets prepared for us, wich, in the end, supplied us attendees with very manageable tasks to tackle a „corner“ that wasn’t working for us. That corner could be anything, from an actual corner in our home to a corner in our mind. Natalie and Tip asked the right questions and I think everyone left the workshop, feeling on top of their respective corner.
Without going further into detail, my corner was something regarding this blog of mine. The ladies from Apartment Diet really pressed the right buttons, to help me where I faced my wit’s end.
And then there was Ruth, the graceful Irish beauty who sat next to me. When we were told to partner up, she gave me some great feedback and gave me the light-bulb moment of the weekend: In order to be a better, happier blogger, I need to stop beeing a follower and start paving my own path.
What? This was already obvious to you? Well. I for one held back on many things, because others did it better. Or did it differently. Or might think I’m a bad blogger. And I kept doing certain things, because they were always done this way. But these times are over now, thanks to Ruth!
Really, this workshop alone was worth the ticket for The Hive.

+ Jana Ahrens and her passionate talk about Fast Fashion and the Sustainable Wardrobe

Wow. Just. Wow.
Jana, who blogs on plique, spoke about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. When she started talking, the whole, buzzing conference room went dead silent in the blink of an eye. Her presentation was gripping and informative, without being lecturing. Her passion was palpable. And her words made an impact on the the audience: When she was done with her talk, a productive and open discussion started, which even went on after the end of Jana’s designated speaking time. It was wonderful.
I could go on gushing about the fabulous ideas she presented and the conclusions I drew for myself. But I am already writing a recap of my adventures with my capsule wardrobe and how Jana changed my understanding of it. You might keep your eyes peeled for that.

+ The countless bits and bobs that make me want to go back immediately

I already miss being at The Hive. I had so much fun with my lovely roommates Gen and Nina. We shared a cool suite at the Scandic Hotel and damn, that was one fine bathroom!
But more than that I miss the atmosphere Yvonne created on the past weekend. She managed to gather the most genuine and inspiring people and I honestly wish I could meet them more often than once a year. Ladies, you made my heart sing!
I already miss the new friends I made. And I miss the old friends, who I met again in Berlin last week.

Next year The Hive will take place in Dublin and I am over the moon excited to visit one of my favorite cities to meet some of my favorite people. Will I see you there?

5 Gedanken zu „Stop being a follower and spread the love. // #hive15

  1. Meredith - Kaffee und Kuchen

    I love your recap of The Hive! I know what you mean about wanting to meet everyone more than once a year. There are still so many bloggers that I didn’t get to meet last weekend that I would love to meet at a cafe and chat with. Including you!

    Thanks for linking to Ruth’s blog – I met her at the kick off event but never got her blog name or card. :o)

    1. Ellen Beitragsautor

      Thank you! I’d loved meeting you. Will I get a chance to do so next year? 🙂
      Ruth is awesome, isn’t she?

  2. Tip


    Hee – mutual crush my dear & much ink love!!! 🙂 So pleased to hear that the workshop and your serendipitous partnering up with Ruth gave you a light-bulb moment about your blog corner. We love seeing that happen when folk work with us!

    Keep on moving & maybe we will see you again at another Hive,

    Tip (& Natalie)

    1. Ellen Beitragsautor

      Hello Tip!
      Can’t wait to meet you you and Natalie again. If at another Hive or some other opportunity!


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